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Analysis of abnormal failure of chrome plating on Chrome plated bar
Oct 12, 2018

Usually, we refer to the case where the Chrome plated bar is rusted or chrome-plated within one year, which is called abnormal failure. So why is this happening? First of all, for large chrome-plated piston rods with high tensile strength, one of the reasons for the non-normal failure is that the pre-plating and the de-hydrogenation after plating are not performed.


Another reason is that there are certain defects in the material of the Chrome plated bar

, which causes abnormal failure. For example, there is a certain amount of impurities and looseness on the surface of the piston rod. These defects may not exceed the standard by the standard of forgings, but they are serious problems for electroplating. In addition, the forging ratio of the forging is too large, which may cause material defects. The forging forging ratio is generally greater than or equal to 3.


In addition, if the 40Cr forging having a large diameter has a low tempering temperature of 520 ° C, the stress in the forging may not be sufficiently eliminated, and the furnace should be cooled to further reduce the residual stress on the surface of the forging. Residual stress is one of the root causes of microcracking in Chrome plated bar

. The adverse consequences are the same as before the plating, and the same after plating.http://www.xhychromerod.com/