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Analysis of causes of leakage outside hydraulic piston rod
Jan 02, 2019

The external leakage of the hydraulic piston rod is a prominent quality problem. What are the main factors caused by the leakage? In the process of dismantling and detecting the external leakage of the hydraulic piston rod, it is found that the sealing ring has different degrees of wear, scratching and aging. From the actual detection of the failure of the hydraulic cylinder sealing ring, the main reasons are as follows:


The dust-proof effect of the dust-proof ring is not good, mainly due to the unreasonable selection of the dust-proof ring structure or the poor protection measures of the dust-proof ring during the assembly process. Secondly, the combined seal structure for the shaft is unreasonable. At present, the main sealing structure of the hydraulic piston rod is dust ring + low pressure seal (Y ring) + high pressure seal (combination seal for shaft).


The third factor is the surface of the hydraulic piston rod. Usually, during the operation of the equipment, micro-pits appear on the surface of the piston rod, which increases the friction between the seal ring and the piston rod, and causes the seal ring to wear out. In addition, if the matching gap between the piston rod and the guide sleeve is unreasonable, it may cause leakage.www.xhychromerod.com