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Application range and automation requirements of chrome-plated piston rods
Feb 27, 2019

The chrome-plated piston rod is one of the bar products. The surface is plated to form a chrome layer. This chrome layer can generally reach 50-60 hardness, so it is mainly suitable for the bearing industry, automation, industry or Used in the linear bearing.

1. Double-layer nickel multi-layer nickel underlayer, high filling and ductility is not good enough

2. Narrow operating range, low impurity tolerance, and wide application range

3. Multi-layer nickel plating with high corrosion resistance, the sulfur content of the coating is not high enough

4. The coating is not uniform enough, the life is not long, easy to shine

5. High anti-corrosion multi-layer nickel, chrome-plated to form microporous chrome

6. I want to achieve low foaming process, high current density, easy scorch, and poor solderability.

Axial clearance: It can ensure that the packing ring can float freely in the ring groove. If the gap is not suitable, it will affect its normal operation.

Radial clearance: mainly used to prevent the packing ring from being pressed when the piston rod sinks, resulting in deformation or damage.

Incision clearance: mainly used to compensate for the wear of the packing ring.www.xhychromerod.com