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Connection form of Cylinder chrome bar and piston part
Oct 11, 2018

According to experience, if the connection structure of the Cylinder chrome bar

 and the piston is properly designed, the service life of the piston component can be effectively improved to ensure long-term use. On the contrary, it will bury potential safety hazards to the normal operation of the equipment system, and even bring serious economic losses directly to the users.


In practical applications, the connection between the Cylinder chrome bar

 and the piston can be in different structural forms. The main methods are: torque method, nut angle method, hydraulic stretching method, and the like. The torque method is usually applied to the piston parts of a small reciprocating compressor. When assembling, it can be tightened according to the calculated torque. The nut angle method is suitable for the piston parts of small and medium-sized reciprocating compressors. When installing, the smaller nut can be rotated directly in place according to the calculated angle.


The hydraulic drawing method is usually applied to the piston parts of large and medium-sized reciprocating compressors. During the installation process, a special hydraulic stretching device is required to stretch the connecting member to a certain axial force. After tightening the nut, the axial force is removed to obtain the required pre-tightening force. Through the above analysis and discussion of the connection structure between the piston rod and the piston, I hope to provide a simple, practical and correct design idea for the future design work.http://www.xhychromerod.com/