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Control measures for uneven chrome plating of extra long chrome-plated piston rod
Jan 05, 2019

Extra long chrome-plated piston rods are widely used in construction machinery. Due to their large length, many problems have arisen in the chrome plating process: due to the large plating area, the current used is large, the required rectifier capacity is also large; and the coating is uneven greatly increase. Among them, the problem of unevenness of plating is more prominent. How to solve it?


When the chrome-plated piston rod is subjected to the chrome plating process, the thickness of the plating layer is gradually increased from top to bottom because the length of the piston rod is the same as the length of the electrode plate. In order to ensure uniform coating thickness, first ensure that the shape of the plate is circular, which can reduce the unevenness of the plating.


The second is to regularly clean and maintain the plates and hangers, so that they are in a good conductive state. And if it is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time. Take protection of the cathode, or the lower end of the chrome-plated piston rod is shorter than the length of the plate. This measure effectively eliminated the "big head" problem that occurred in the chrome plating process and achieved good results.www.xhychromerod.com