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Design requirements for hydraulic piston rod clamping devices
Jan 19, 2019

The clamping device is an important part of the machine tool fixture. Reasonable design of the clamping device not only can effectively improve the processing quality of the hydraulic piston rod, but also can improve the productivity and reduce the labor intensity of the workers. Therefore, the following requirements are imposed on the clamping device:


Firstly, during the clamping process, the hydraulic piston rod must not adversely affect the correct position obtained when the workpiece is positioned;


Secondly, the direction of the clamping force during the clamping process should be accurate and reliable. That is to ensure that the hydraulic piston rod does not move or vibrate during the processing, and at the same time, the workpiece must not cause undue deformation and surface damage;


Thirdly, the hydraulic piston rod should be clamped accurately and quickly to improve working efficiency;


In addition, in the process of processing the hydraulic piston rod, the overall operation of the fixture should be safer and simpler, saves effort and labor, to improve the working conditions of the workers and reduce the labor intensity; and the structural design of the fixture itself should be simple and reasonable, and easy to manufacture.www.xhychromerod.com