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Factors affecting piston rod runout and bending problem
Dec 08, 2018

The amount of runout of the piston rod will directly affect the performance of the whole machine. The main factors of the piston rod's runout are: the stress value of the nozzle on the cylinder, or the deformation of the cylinder support, which will shift the center line of the cylinder. There are burrs and knurls at the joint between the cylinder and the barrel, resulting in poor bonding surface, causing the center line of the cylinder to shift.


In addition, if there is a runout, it may be due to excessive wear of the piston support ring or the mirror surface of the cylinder; or the gap between the crosshead and the slide is super value, due to the weight of the piston rod and the crosshead flange, the crosshead fuselage The degree of upturning from the glides on the end is increased, the axis of the crosshead of the crosshead is moved down; or the piston rod is bent.


So how to solve the problem of the bending of the piston rod? During the reciprocating motion, since the piston rod is continuously subjected to friction, not only the surface will be worn, but also the possibility of bending deformation. If it is bending deformation, it should be hot pressed and straightened, then ground and trimmed, and then spray repaired or replace. In addition, in order to improve the wear resistance, the surface needs to be nitrided or ceramic coated to increase its hardness.www.xhychromerod.com