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Guide shaft design factors and basic requirements
Mar 23, 2018

The mechanical guide shaft is a kind of precise and slender shape part. According to the different axis shape, the guide shaft can be mainly divided into two types of crankshaft and straight shaft. And in practical applications, its bearing conditions are also different.


For example, some guide shafts may be subjected to different forces in the process of work. They can withstand both bending moments and torques. They are the most common axes in machinery, such as shafts in various retarders. Another part is mainly used to transfer torque without bending moments, such as the long optical axis in the crane moving mechanism, the drive shaft of the car, and so on.


At present, when the guide shaft is manufactured, the materials used can also be selected due to different work requirements. The main materials are carbon steel and alloy steel, can also be used ductile iron or alloy cast iron. On the design of shaft parts, the main factors that should be taken into account are: type, size and position of shaft mounting parts, fixing method of parts, nature, direction, size and distribution of load, type and size of bearing, and shaft Blanks, manufacturing and assembly processes, installation and transport, deformation of the shaft, etc.


In general, the working performance of the guide shaft mainly depends on the strength and rigidity. When working at a high speed, the vibration stability must also be taken into consideration. In addition, the structural design of the shaft can determine the reasonable shape of the shaft and the overall size of the shaft, which is an important step for the design of the shaft.


When designing, you can design according to the specific requirements of the guide shaft. If necessary, you can do several comparisons to select the best design.


When designing the guide shaft, it is usually required to save material as much as possible and reduce its weight while ensuring its performance. And it is easy to achieve precise positioning, stability, assembly, disassembly and adjustment of the guide shaft.http://www.xhychromerod.com/