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Guide shaft structure and installation method
Mar 02, 2018

In order to facilitate everyone to understand, this article will be the direct installation of the guide shaft structure and the use of guide shaft support bracket installation method, for example, the design of their respective points and maintenance to explain. Let's take a look at the details.


The first is a brief introduction about the structure of guide shaft with snap ring groove. The parallelism between these two axes depends mainly on the two shaft holes on both ends of the fixed shaft machined on the shaft mounting plate. This means that the distance between the holes in the two shaft mounting plates should be within the tolerance specified.


At the same time, the accuracy of the mounting holes machined on these two shaft mounting plates also needs to meet the relevant mating size instructions. This is the choice of "high precision rotary fit - clearance fit," almost no gap between the shaft - hole relationship. It should be noted that, in order to prevent the relative position of the two guide shaft mounting plate misalignment, and therefore should be used larger fixing bolts. In addition, the distance between the two ends of the shaft snap ring groove should be slightly longer than the distance between the outer sides of the two shaft mounting plates, so as to prevent any play in the longitudinal direction of the shaft.


So, if you use the support bracket with the guide shaft, its structure? The parallelism between the two axes in this case mainly depends on the parallelism of the support bracket mounting plate at both ends of the fixing shaft and the precision of the support bracket mounting interval. Also, the stand brackets can only be installed by machining threaded holes in the stand bracket mounting plate.


For this structure, it is recommended to use high-precision flange to ensure the performance of the guide shaft, but also help to improve its rigidity. If both ends of the guide shaft support bracket, then the installation should be carefully examined first, and the first temporary installation of components to the mounting plate, and then the mounting plate is fixed to the surrounding structure. http://www.xhychromerod.com