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High-efficiency chrome plating should be used in the production of chrome-plated piston rods
Oct 06, 2018

In order to reduce the discharge of chromium-containing wastewater in the chrome plating of piston rods, it is necessary to effectively improve the process technology and process. The first is the high-efficiency chrome plating process. The high-efficiency chrome plating solution is based on the traditional chrome plating solution, and then adding one or several organic additives and adding a small amount of inorganic compounds to obtain excellent performance of the chrome-plated piston rod.


The process has higher current efficiency and deposition speed, thus reducing power consumption. In addition, high-efficiency chrome plating allows for higher current densities, and the deposition speed can be greatly improved. When the chrome-plated piston rod adopts this chrome plating process, the plating solution does not contain fluorine, so the low current density region of the plating member is not eroded. The hardness of the chrome layer is high, and the wear resistance is generally increased by 20%, and the sliding friction coefficient is reduced by 25%.


In addition, during the processing, the chrome plating layer of the chrome-plated piston rod has a high crack strip, thereby effectively improving the corrosion resistance of the chromium layer and the sliding property of the piston rod. Moreover, the dispersing ability of the plating solution is superior to the conventional chrome plating, and high current density plating can be used, and generally, the phenomenon of scorching and roughness of the plating layer is not generated.http://www.xhychromerod.com/