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Hollow rod blank selection and manufacturing methods
Mar 08, 2018

In practice, taking into account the hollow piston rod is reciprocating motion, so in order to increase the service life of hollow piston rod to minimize its wear rate, the selection of rough when the proposed 38CrMoAlAn alloy steel.


In addition, hollow piston rod products are usually produced in small quantities, so in order to ensure the production efficiency, it is recommended to choose free forging for roughing. Here we analyze for everyone the rough shape and dimensions of the determination.


1, on the hollow piston rod blank shape:


In a production, combined with parts drawings and machining accuracy requirements to consider, forgings standard tolerance level should be controlled at 8-12 level. Coupled with hollow rod selection small batch production, which can consider the selection of cylindrical blank.


2, the basic dimensions of the hollow piston rod blank requirements:


General on the rough manufacturing method is free casting, combined with the hollow piston rod parts diagram of the dimensional design needs and practical processing needs to consider, after casting the size can be determined as: diameter 62mm, length 1150mm. According to the relevant information to analyze, determine the rough size: diameter 80mm, length 760mm.


It should be noted that, in the processing of hollow piston rod, especially when grinding the outer surface, because the workpiece easy to produce knife, elastic deformation, it may affect its accuracy. Therefore, in the process of machining hollow piston rod need to study the center hole, to ensure that the center hole clean, and to ensure that the center hole and the top tightness appropriate, and ensure good lubrication.http://www.xhychromerod.com