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How many guide posts are needed in a set of mould?
Oct 19, 2017

In the punch die, the guide posts often plays a more important role. This is because we often use it as a guide to connect the upper and lower modules. In this way, the more ideal blanking clearance can be maintained. At the same time it can effectively reduce the adverse effects of the mould during the blanking process, and it also bears the lateral force produced when blanking.

From the above introduction, we can understand the important role of the guide posts. So is there a requirement for its quantity when it is actually used? Whether the more quantity you use, more beneficial it is?

For producers, how to grasp the number of guide posts? Here we will focus on these issues to analyze the specific content, hoping to deepen your understanding.

In fact, analyzing from the mold sold in the current markets, whether it is the standard mold, or non-standard mold, basically is equipped with four guide posts. Of course, there are exceptions. If the mold structure is very complex, you may need to use eight guide posts. In fact, when stamping the standard mold, it often uses four standard mold sets.

Usually, in the four standard mould described above, there are three standard sets which need two guide posts, and the other one needs four. And in different molds, its configuration requirements are also different. For example, the downsprue mold and the pin gate mold have obvious difference.

The above is mainly for the introduction of the number of guide posts usually required to be equipped in a mold. I believe that you all have a more comprehensive understanding of this.