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Influence of surface quality of hydraulic piston rod on wear resistance of cylinder
Sep 26, 2018

The surface roughness of the hydraulic piston rod should be mainly between the two contact surfaces of the friction pair composed of the piston rod and the cylinder guide sleeve. The initial stage of the frictional contact is only carried out at the peak of the microscopic surface roughness, and its actual contact area is much smaller than the theoretical contact area or the design contact area.


During the operation of the hydraulic cylinder, a certain stress will be generated due to the friction, resulting in the actual contact area being transformed by the elastic deformation and the shear failure between the peaks into a permanent plastic deformation of the microscopic surface of the part, thereby guiding the two friction secondary peaks. The partial contact surface of the part is deformed by wear and falls off. The wear on the hydraulic piston rod can generally be divided into three stages, namely the initial wear stage, the normal wear stage and the severe wear stage. When the surface quality of the part is ideal, these three stages will be carried out step by step.


If the surface quality of the part is rough, the wear will start directly from the intense wear stage. In general, the smaller the surface roughness value of the hydraulic piston rod, the better the wear resistance. In general, the roughness of the contact surface should have an optimum value, the value of which depends on the working condition of the part.https://www.xhychromerod.com/