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Linear guide lubrication requirements and design details
Mar 05, 2018

A good linear guide, not only has its own good performance, but also should maintain a good anti-rust performance, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the product. The anti-rust performance of the guide column is mainly depends on the solubility of lubricants, viscosity and so on. If the lubricant is poorly soluble, then it means it has good water resistance.


This will lead to a good protective effect. And the higher the viscosity, it shows that the more protective effect of its ideal. If the surface of the oil layer quickly stripped, then it will affect the final product life. So when lubrication should pay attention to what the problem?


As a user, we are in the maintenance of the linear guide column in the process, if the oil and the previous oil is immiscible then absolutely can not mix. Otherwise it will lead to the loss of grease, which will cause some damage to the guide column. If you need to replace the grease for lubrication rust, then the original grease should be cleaned up, and then add another lubricant.


In addition to ensuring good lubrication, in fact, the design of the guide pillar will also have a significant impact on its performance. At design time should pay attention to some of the details to ensure that the product is easy to use and durable. For example, the length of the product should be designed to be 6 to 8 mm above the end face of the punch to ensure that the guide post guides the punch into the pocket. In addition to be able to successfully enter the pilot hole, the front end should be made of conical or spherical pilot part.


Finally, we should note that the diameter of the guide pillar should be determined according to the size of the mold to ensure that it has a good bending strength. Moreover, the diameter of the guide column fixing section should be equal to the outer diameter of the guide sleeve so as to ensure the coaxiality during assembly and processing.http://www.xhychromerod.com