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Machining quality requirements and method sharing of shaft
Jan 24, 2018

In practical application, shaft plays an important guiding role.In order to ensure the use effect, it is usually necessary to use with linear bearings.In the production of the shaft , the main use of high-frequency quenching.The average manufacturer has done the surface treatment on delivery.

At present, when the user selects the shaft , it is free to choose the multi-axis type.In order to guarantee the quality of the products, not only to strictly control the quality of the material, and at the time of heat treatment, the use of heat treatment equipment is very advanced, so the effective hardening layer, roundness control within 0.005 mm.

Certainly we can choose the corresponding raw materials according to the actual requirements of the user and arrange the production process according to the actual requirements of the user.After finishing the processing, the product quality will be strictly inspected and then delivered to the customer.

In fact, the shaft is also a typical component with an outer surface.In the process of machining of this kind of parts, the commonly used machining methods mainly include turning, grinding and various finishing methods.Among them, turning process is the most economical and effective processing method.

However, considering the economic and precision requirements, it is usually used for machining and semi-finishing on the surface of the machining shaft.The grinding process is the main finishing method of the outer surface, especially the precision machining of the shaft parts after high hardness and quenching.

Due to the different work situations, for the precision of the shaft, also the use of different requirements and different processing methods of economic machining accuracy, surface roughness, productivity and production cost is different.Therefore, it is necessary to choose the reasonable machining method in the actual processing, so as to produce the qualified shaft parts that meet the requirements of the part drawings.http://www.xhychromerod.com/