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Measures to reduce the amount of plating liquid in the chrome plating operation of hard chrome plated rods
Oct 29, 2018

In the chrome plating operation of the hard chrome plated rods, in order to reduce the pollution and also to improve the utilization rate of the material, it is necessary to reduce the amount of the adhering liquid which is carried out when the plating member is grooved. In fact, this is also the basic requirement for the electroplating industry to promote cleaner production. The first is to properly reduce the viscosity and concentration of the plating solution. This is because when the Hard chrome plated rods is lifted from the plating tank, a plating liquid film is attached to the surface, and the adhesion amount is related to the viscosity of the plating solution.


Secondly, in the process of chrome plating of hard chrome plated rods, it is necessary to add a recovery tank, which can recover the plating solution and reduce the concentration of chromium-containing wastewater. It is one of the commonly used methods in the electroplating industry, with the advantages of simplicity, low investment and good effect. .


The third is to properly optimize the hard chrome plated rods slotting time. At this point, two factors need to be considered comprehensively: one is to minimize the liquid discharge from the workpiece; the other is to avoid reducing the production efficiency. According to experience, the piston rod is coated with a plating bath for 12 seconds, and the efficiency of plating liquid reflux is the highest, about 50% or more.http://www.xhychromerod.com/