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Method for improving the bending problem of hydraulic piston rod
Jul 05, 2018

In general, the factors that cause the hydraulic piston rod to bend include many aspects. In order to prolong its useful life, some measures need to be taken to improve it. Let's share some improvements to hydraulic piston rod bending.


First, the support width can be appropriately increased, typically by adjusting its support width to 1.2 to 1.5 times the diameter of the hydraulic piston rod. Secondly, during the installation process, full use of the adjustment pad ensures the cooperative clearance and neutrality between the boom and cylinder head and the frame and the boom, which helps to improve the wear resistance of the pad.


The third is to optimize and improve its discharge structure, increase the opening interval and tilt point of view of the discharge plate, reduce the accumulation of blanking material, and facilitate natural discharge of blanking material and increase the boom cylinder. The distance between the lower end and the main engine is arranged at the discharge of the hydraulic piston rod to facilitate the discharge of large-size stones. In addition, it is also necessary to perform eradication of accumulated material in accordance with the instructions for use. This can also improve the bending effect to some extent.