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Piston rod blank selection method and application field
Mar 05, 2019

When the piston rod is used, it is mainly used for hydraulic pneumatic, engineering machinery, piston rod for automobile manufacturing, guide column for plastic machinery, roller for packaging machinery and printing machinery, textile machinery, shaft for conveying machinery, linear motion The linear optical axis.

Piston rod blank selection method

The working mode of the piston rod is a reciprocating mode. In order to increase the life of the piston rod and reduce the wear haze of the piston rod, the alloy structural steel is selected for the blank. The piston rods are selected for small batch production, and in order to improve the production power, free forging blanks should be used.

Blank shape and scale determination

First, the shape of the blank

According to the processing precision requirements of some parts drawings, the scale tolerance grade of forgings is 8-12, the piston rods are selected for small batch production, and the cylindrical blanks are selected and considered.

Second, the base scale of the blank

The blank is made by free casting. According to the scale requirement of the piston rod part drawing and the practical processing requirements, the dimensions after casting are as follows: diameter 62mm, length 1150mm, check the technical manual, and determine the dimensions of the blank: diameter 80mm, length 760mm.www.xhychromerod.com