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Piston rod performance requirements and applications
Jun 26, 2018

As an important connecting part, the piston rod is mostly used as an executing part, belonging to a moving part with relatively frequent movement and high technical requirements. The main role of the piston rod is to connect the piston and the crosshead, transmitting the force acting on the piston and driving the piston to move.


In order to achieve the above results, the basic requirements for the design of the piston rod include: First, it should have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability; Second, it should have good wear resistance, and higher Accuracy requirements for processing and production, and to ensure that the surface roughness to meet the requirements; at the same time in the structural design should minimize the impact of stress concentration.


In addition, in practical applications, the production of the piston rod should ensure the requirements for reliable connection, and should avoid loosening; at the same time, the structural design of the piston rod should also facilitate disassembly and assembly of the piston.


In the current industrial field, piston rods are widely used. The main areas involved include hydraulic pneumatics, construction machinery, piston rods for automobile manufacturing, guide columns for plastic machinery, packaging machinery, roller shafts for printing machinery, textile machinery, transportation Mechanical axis, linear motion axis, etc.http://www.xhychromerod.com/