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Process requirements of guide shaft surface treatment
Apr 08, 2018

Guide shaft is an essential part of many mechanical devices in linear motion. At present, the demand in the market is also very large, in these working situations, the heat treatment and surface treatment of the guide shaft are also the key link to ensure the service life.


Next, the role of heat treatment is introduced: in the process of heat treatment, high frequency quenching can be used and advanced heating equipment can be used to make uniform heat treatment on the circumference and axial direction of the guide shaft to ensure stable hardness and hardened layer, and have superior durability and rigidity.


When conducting the surface treatment of the guide shaft, it is mainly to finish the finishing and finishing of the parent material, and then use electroplating equipment to process the hard chromium surface. It should be noted that there is no hard chromium plating on both ends, the hard chrome plating is not applied in the processing department, and hard chromium plating is applied inside the tubular guide shaft.


According to the practical application, the guide shaft is usually used with the linear bearing, or is used with the oil-free bushing. Therefore, the surface hardness needs to be paid attention to when the different products are selected, and the surface hardness is not easy to be strong or too soft.


This is because if the hardness is too large, it will easily cause the wear of the ball bearing or the inner surface of the oil-free bushing. Conversely, if the hardness is too small, it is easy to produce scratches and increase friction. If the guide shaft is used in conjunction with the linear bearing, the surface hardness HRC55~65 is generally chosen. The product with surface hardness HRC20~30 is generally used in combination with oil-free bushing.


And the shaft end form also includes different types, which are more common with steps, internal threads, external threads, and baffle rings. The precision grade of the rod is G6, H8, F8, and the diameter of the standard guide shaft is 4~50mm for your choice, and the length of the longest Machinable 1500mm bar.http://www.xhychromerod.com/