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Requirements for inspection and matching when assembling the plated piston rods
Nov 06, 2018

The quality of the plated piston rods itself will have an impact on the overall system, and the actual assembly effect will also affect its performance when assembled. In general, the plated piston rods clearance and ring groove are selected in the groove of the plated piston rods, can rotate freely in the electric push rod ring groove, can sink into the bottom of the ring groove, and its edge gap is 0.10. Between 0.15mm, if it is exceeded, the gap is too large.


Secondly, when performing the end gap check, it is necessary to place each plated piston rods in batches at a position of 40 mm from the upper end of the cylinder liner, and measure it with a thick gauge into the end gap to determine whether the gap of each ring meets the requirements of the machine manual. size.


At the same time, the piston pin and the connecting rod bushing of the plated piston rods also need a reasonable match. Usually, first clean and dry the piston pin and bushing, apply a layer of clean oil on each working surface, then hold the small end of the connecting rod with the right hand, and then put the piston pin into the bushing with the left hand. Inside, it is advisable to push the piston pin into the bushing by the force of the right thumb. If the push is too tight and too laborious, you need to scrape the bushing. On the other hand, if the propulsion is too loose, it must be re-selected, increase the piston pin or replace the bushing.http://www.xhychromerod.com/