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Selection of chrome-plated piston rod reference
Jan 10, 2019

In the processing of chrome-plated piston rod products, the correct selection of the positioning reference is the key to rationally formulate the processing procedures and fixture design. The choice of benchmark is one of the important issues in the design of process specifications. Whether the choice of benchmarks affects the quality of processing, productivity and processing costs.


Whether the selection of the positioning reference is reasonable will directly affect the quality of the chrome-plated piston rod manufacturing process. Improper selection of the benchmarks often increases the number of processes, or makes the process route unreasonable, or makes the fixture design difficult, and even fails to meet the processing accuracy requirements of the workpiece. Positioning benchmarks are divided into rough benchmarks and fine benchmarks.


Normally, in the initial processing of chrome-plated piston rods, only the unprocessed blank surface can be selected as the positioning reference. This reference is called the rough reference. The positioning reference made with the machined surface is called the fine reference. In the process of designing the process specification, when selecting the fine reference according to the part workpiece drawing, the rough reference is selected. The whole process should be considered in a unified manner, and the first process should create conditions for the subsequent process.www.xhychromerod.com