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Shaft bearing type and application
Dec 28, 2017

First , let's explain what we call a shaft bearing.The shaft bearing is mainly supported and fixed to ensure that the shaft can be used as normal, and it also needs to bear a certain load.The current bearing is widely used in the automation industry, and it is usually used in conjunction with the shaft or linear bearing to achieve a fixed purpose.

Under the support of bearing, not only can the shaft be well fixed, but also help ensure the transmission effect.Bearing includes different types to meet different usage requirements,The most common types are flanged, T/L bearing, compact bearing and base bearing, side bearing.The flange type bearings can be further divided into circular flange type, method orchid type and the opposite flange type three kinds.

At present, there are two main types of material used in the processing of flanged guide bearings: S45C and SUS304 respectively.In the process of processing, including blackened, electroless nickel plating, natural anodic oxidation and black anodic oxidation, etc.The main selection of the type T/L bearing is S45C, SUS304 and A6063.Surface treatment includes blackened, electroless nickel plating, Natural anode oxides black anodic oxidation。

In general, considering the difference between the actual environment and the use requirement, different materials should be selected in the processing shaft bearing.There are three main types of materials: S45C, SUS304 and aluminum alloy.Among them, no.45 steel is of high quality steel, with good mechanical properties and low cost.

SUS304 has an advantage in corrosion resistance, but it's better not to heat it.Currently, aluminum alloy is a new kind of material, which can be used to make the bearings of the shaft to reduce its own weight, so the application is also extremely wide.http://www.xhychromerod.com/