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Structural characteristics of piston rod and precise machining process
Oct 22, 2018

The piston rod is often subjected to a plurality of forces during normal use, and thus inevitably generates a large friction. Therefore, in order to ensure the use effect, it is necessary to pay attention to strengthening the hardness and wear resistance during the processing. Usually in the actual processing, the piston rod is made of 38CrMoALA material, and it should be quenched and tempered in its special part.


In this way, the toughness and wear resistance of the piston rod finished product can be effectively enhanced. In order to ensure the machining accuracy, the roughing and finishing of the car should be separated during turning, and the tool holder should be used for the rough and fine cars to reduce the deformation of the workpiece during machining. The center frame should be used when machining the threads at both ends. In the selection of the positioning reference, in order to ensure the coaxiality tolerance of the parts and the mutual positional accuracy of each part, all the machining processes are positioned with two center holes, which conforms to the principle of standardization.


In addition, considering the technical requirements of the piston rod and the assembly process requirements, it is recommended to select the center hole of the left and right end faces and the end faces of the piston rod as a fine reference during the machining process. Many surfaces on a part can be machined with the end faces as a reference. Benchmark conversion errors can be avoided and the benchmarking principle is followed.http://www.xhychromerod.com/