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Summary of the cause of overheating of hydraulic piston rod
Aug 04, 2018

If the hydraulic piston rod is overheated during use, it usually covers a variety of reasons. First of all, if the hydraulic piston rod and the stuffing box are deflected during assembly, it will cause local friction and cause overheating, so it needs to be adjusted in time.


Secondly, during the installation process, if the holding spring of the sealing ring connected to the hydraulic piston rod is too tight, the friction will be large and should be properly adjusted; in addition, if the axial clearance of the sealing ring is too small, it may be This will cause the piston rod to overheat, and the axial clearance needs to be adjusted to the appropriate range according to the specified requirements.


If the amount of lubricating oil added is too small in actual work, it will also cause overheating, so it is necessary to add supplements in time to ensure sufficient oil. In addition, if the hydraulic piston rod and the seal ring are not well worn, the wear-in should be strengthened during the research. If impurities are mixed in the gas and oil, the temperature will be too high during operation, so it should be cleaned and kept clean in time.http://www.xhychromerod.com/