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Technical assessment standard for hollow piston rod
Apr 18, 2018

The working principle of the so-called hollow piston rod can be understood dynamically as the purpose of making the main equipment work by driving equipment when the piston is able to drive the hollow piston rod when it is subjected to heat or other power. Of course, due to the different processing technology adopted by the product, it will lead to a certain difference in the final performance of the product.


For example, when processing slender shaft hollow piston rod, the main point is that the ratio of the length and diameter of this kind of piston rod is greater than 25. Because of the poor rigidity of this kind of product, in the case of grinding, the joint action of the weight of the workpiece and the grinding force can easily lead to the deformation and bending of the product, which seriously affects the normal use.


Based on the above considerations, it is suggested that the grinding wheel can be repaired to concave in the process of grinding slender shaft hollow piston rod. The advantage of this way is that the touch conflict between workpiece and grinding wheel can be reduced. In addition, it is better to use the cutout grinding method and multi edge grinding method to repair the grinding wheel into a similar ladder shape with high accuracy.


Through different processing parameters, the reasons can be displayed intuitively. The alternating load that the hollow piston rod can bear and the surface coefficient of the sealing device reciprocate, which fundamentally determines the performance of the piston rod itself. Generally speaking, high accuracy, hardness and wear resistance are the basic conditions to ensure product performance. In order to ensure its toughness and wear resistance, high quality material needs to be quenched and tempered.


Besides, in the process of processing hollow piston rod, we must strictly control the processing technology and ensure the machining accuracy. Besides, the stability of the machining accuracy of the hollow piston rod is ensured, and no manual straightening is allowed.http://www.xhychromerod.com/