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Technical parameters of heat treatment process of 40Cr steel piston rod
Oct 13, 2018

Usually the piston rod is made of 40Cr steel. The main processing flow is: forging, normalizing, machining (coarse), stress relief annealing, machining (semi-finishing), quenching, tempering, and finally machining (fine Processing). In the operation of the equipment, the piston rod is one of the force components, so it is necessary to heat-treat the 40Cr steel to improve the various mechanical properties of the material to meet the actual needs.


In the process of heat treatment, preliminary work should be done to facilitate processing and obtain uniform and fine crystal grains. In order to eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece and avoid the processing malformation, a stress relief annealing treatment is required. Next, the core process of the heat treatment process, quenching and tempering operations are carried out to improve the mechanical properties of the piston rod.


After that, the quality of the piston rod needs to be checked to ensure product quality. In summary, as one of the stressed components, the heat treatment process of the piston rod 40Cr steel was analyzed. From the comparison of performance in various aspects, the sub-temperature quenching heat treatment can effectively improve the comprehensive performance of the material.http://www.xhychromerod.com/