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The characteristics and advantages of stainless steel piston rod’s welding method
Dec 09, 2017

The stainless steel piston rods can effectively grind the surface according to their requirements,both treat with hard chromium plating technology, and the surface polishing, then they could have the anti-friction and corrosion resistance characteristics.Stainless steel piston rod is very suitable for all kinds of cylinders, oil cylinders, carpentry, textile, printing and dyeing machinery, die casting machine, injection molding machine, and other mechanical guide rod, top bar, etc.

Stainless steel piston rod in the process of production is mainly used for stainless steel material, product tolerance can be customized according to customer demand, the product has the friction resistance, good corrosion resistance characteristics.With advanced the precision cold drawn, honing and polishing process, all technical indexes meet and exceed the national standard.

The process of processing stainless steel piston rod is mainly used in friction welding.It is a solid welding method ,which realize by welding the interface to make the molecular diffusion and recrystallization on interface.In recent years, friction welding is a kind of welding method with its high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, pollution-free and other technical characteristics, which is highly regarded by the manufacturing industry.

The friction welding is very safe and environmentally friendly because it has no sound, light, gas or radiation pollution.The welding efficiency of friction welding is high, it can weld one in two or three minutes, and the welding quality is stable and consistent.This kind of welding method do not need to use any flux in the process of piston rod processing, only need to consume a bit of electricity bill .

Stainless steel piston rod is connected on a high strength steel piston rod, Piston rod on the other end of the piston must fit accurately with the cylinder body, each part is a strict cylinder, And it's handled with precision to produce the output of the smooth movement.According to different working pressure, different wall thickness steel tubes can be used. The inner diameter machining precision is high, the structure is compact, the weight is light, and the installation connection is diverse.It has the advantages of low speed performance and stable performance.http://www.xhychromerod.com/