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The importance of chrome plating on chrome-plated piston rods
Jan 29, 2019

The so-called chrome-plated piston rod refers to a chrome-plated process on the surface of the workpiece to form a chrome-plated layer on the surface. We know that the piston rod must have a high tensile strength, it must have a hard surface, it must be corrosion resistant and must be smooth. These requirements are very difficult for material selection.


In order to meet these different characteristics and requirements, in the process of manufacturing and processing piston rod products, a chrome plating process is required to ensure the smoothness of the surface of the piston rod. High-strength steel is a common and relatively inexpensive material, and chrome-plated processing will result in a better-performing chrome-plated piston rod. The chrome-plating process is also known as hard chrome plating or engineering chrome plating.


In other words, the chrome-plated process provides a harder, smoother, corrosion-resistant surface quality for chrome-plated piston rods. Chrome-plated piston rods are typically tested for corrosion-resistant salt spray and for duration testing. The dw-032 catalyst corrosion-resistant salt spray test was used and the duration test was up to 500 hours.