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The main assembly steps of guide post and guide sleeve to share
Feb 08, 2018

Normally, if the accuracy requirement of the cold die guide is strict, then the matching size of the guide post and guide sleeve needs to be manufactured according to H6/h5.The method of manual grinding can be used to obtain high precision.In the market, the guide post and guide sleeve are sold in a set, so the customer is usually transferred when the product is received.Do you know how to assemble it?

Next, we will briefly introduce the main assembly steps of the guide post and guide sleeve for reference.The first step is to clean up the burrs on the work piece first.After that, we should carefully check the assembly part and the tolerance of the seat hole.

It should be noted that a proper amount of lubricating oil should be applied on the part where the coordination is needed to ensure the lubrication is in place.Then use the hand hammer to gently tap the guide post, or to hit the guide sleeve into the seat hole about a third of the position.

Then the staff also needs to detect the guide post hole, and the vertical degree of the plane.It is usually used to detect and correct the vertical.If the volume is small, use the hand hammer to hammer the assembly after the end of the guide post.If the surplus is large, the pressure machine should be used for assembly.

After completing the above operation, also need to check with push hands sliding template, if necessary, it also needs correct guide post and guide sleeve working situation, under normal circumstances, should be a sliding fit without mutual interference phenomenon.

The above instruction is the main steps to assemble the guide post and guide sleeve for you, wish it can help you.At the same time, it is also desirable to use the special tool when assembling the guide post and guide sleeve.