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The piston rod can meet certain different characteristics and requirements after chrome plating
Sep 19, 2017

The piston rod can be made of high strength carbon steel to satisfy the strength requirement, and then it is chrome plated to give it a hard, smooth and corrosion resistant surface finish.

Chromium electroplating is a complicated electrochemical process. It involves dipping in a chemical bath heated by chromic acid, the component to be plated, the electrical voltage, and then applied by the two components and the liquid chemical solution. After a complex chemical process and after a period of time, a thin layer of chromium can be applied to the metal surface.

By chrome plating, the coating hardness of the piston rod can be as high as HV1100, and the coating is smooth, uniform thickness, strong dispersion, so that it can be greatly improved in some aspects.

Therefore, the piston rod after chrome plating, not only can meet some different characteristics and requirements, but also to ensure the surface hardness, brightness enhancement, and the combination of matrix become stronger.