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The preparation of the mechanical processing route of hollow rod
Dec 20, 2017

As we all know, as a good performance component, the piston rod is mainly used to support the piston work.It is usually used in oil cylinder, cylinder and other moving parts, and belongs to a moving part with high frequency and high technical requirement.Next, we will analyze the preparation of the machining process of hollow rod.

First, we need to combine the actual application requirements and select the machining methods on the various surfaces of the hollow rod.For example the left Ø 37 cylindrical requirement, so usually use rough turning - finish turning processing method.For the left end M39 x 1.5 thread, it is usually used for rough turning - semi finish turning processing.For the outer circle of the part of phi 45f8, the surface roughness of ra0.2um, the processing method is used for rough turning ,finish turning, rough grinding and finish grinding.

After determining the processing methods of each surface, the specific process route needs to be preliminarily determined.Usually a processing plan is determined according to the analysis.For example, in forging process, free forging can be used.During heat treatment, annealing is often required.The scribing, mainly refers to draw two center hole lines for hollow rod .Then the fitter mainly refers to make the center hole B2.5.

Usually in the rough turning process, clamp one end of the hollow rod first, then use the top stand up to the other end , and the outer circle of the rough turning until it reaches 73mm.Then turn round the head of work piece, with the center hole at the other end, and rough turning the outer circle to φ 73mm.The heat treatment is the next step followed by a tempering treatment of 40~45HRC.

In addition, after confirming the processing plan of the hollow rod, it is necessary to further determine the machining allowance and the working procedure size of the hollow rod according to the actual requirements.http://www.xhychromerod.com/