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The processing order arrangement of hollow rod
Jan 06, 2018

In the process of processing hollow rod, we need to make a reasonable set of machining plan in order to ensure the efficiency of work as much as possible.Normally, when making the hollow rod machining plan should follow the basic principles mainly include: finishing after rough, secondary after main,far after nearly , minimum procedures section, the shortest feeding route and special circumstances special processing, etc.

In general,at the time of braking process,first we need to ensure that the hollow rod processing quality, also as far as possible to improve the production efficiency, reduce the cost.In addition,combine with the actual production type,parts machining shape,dimensional precision,position accuracy and other technical requirements, we should ensure the method that we adopt can meet the requirements of machining precision and economy.

In these basic conditions have confirmed cases, we need to arrange whole process reasonable,both make the hollow rod machining process concentrated as far as possible.It’s mainly for improving the production efficiency.For sure also for cost implications.

The division of production stage: if the precision of the hollow rod is higher, then the rough machining and finish machining of the hollow rod should be made separately to ensure the overall quality.Normally the piston rod processing quality request is higher, the surface roughness request up to Ra0. 4 um.About piston rod processing stage generally can be divided into rough turning, finish turning, coarse grinding, semi-grinding and fine grinding totally five stages.

In arrange processing working procedure, centralized and decentralized processing must be reasonable controlled, .Such as some production of hollow rod type belong to small batch production, and the structure of the parts is complicated, but it has higher technical requirements.Then we can be use the process focus principle for hollow rod machining process.It could ensure the accuracy of the position between the machining surfaces.http://www.xhychromerod.com/