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The structural design and process requirements of the guide post
Nov 01, 2017

Usually, in the design and process of the guide post, analyzing from the size requirements and use requirements first of all, the size of hot rolled round steel should be selected for making the rough. In addition, in the manufacturing process, because of a series of treatment, including carburization, quenching and other heat treatment, and the hardness of the requirements are higher, the guide post needs to strictly follow the process requirements in the processing .

In order to meet the expected machining requirements, we need to adopt the grinding process when we set the surface processing plan of the guide post. That is, after the heat treatment process, and then the parts are grinding. If the surface accuracy requirements for the product are not high, then you can turn it to the desired size after heat treatment.

Note that in order to ensure the final processing effect, in the processing, it is often necessary to carry out the central hole positioning. The turning and grinding of the outer cylindrical surface are both located at the center hole of both ends, which is the coincidence of the design datum and technological datum. It is necessary to know that the shape accuracy and coaxial degree of the selected center hole will have an important influence on the machining quality of the guide post.

If the choice is wrong, there is likely to be some defects. So in order to avoid these problems, we need to fix the center hole after the guide post has finished heat treatment. At present, different methods can be used when trimming the center hole.

For now, one common method is to use the grinding method on the lathe to trim the center hole of the guide post. In comparison, this trimming method can not only get better results, but also has work efficiency, which can save much time.


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