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The whole process of piston rod manufacturing
Feb 19, 2019

The whole process of piston rod manufacturing is especially in the process design. We use the established mechanical manufacturing theory and calculation formula to determine the manufacturing form of the blank, select the base surface, formulate the process route, and determine the machining allowance. The process size and blank size finally determine the amount of cutting and the basic working hours.


Since the original surface quality of the piston rod (after finishing the car) has a great influence on the rolling quality, when the workpiece is rolled by the rigid rolling tool, the rolling accuracy mainly depends on the original surface condition of the workpiece. In the actual production, the piston rod is different because of the structural shape, geometric precision, technical premise and production batch of the part. A part often needs to be changed from the pattern to the finished part through a certain processing process.


Therefore, the piston rod workpiece should reach the geometric accuracy required by the drawings before rolling, the surface roughness is Ra 6.3, and the original surface is preferably processed with a wide blade. In this way, the processing quality of the piston rod can be achieved to a satisfactory standard, thereby playing a better role in the equipment.www.xhychromerod.com