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What are the die machining accuracy requirements of guide post and guide bush?
Feb 06, 2018

Guide post and guide bush look and feel this kind of products from surface machining process is simple, actually in the process of machining on machining precision and standard are adopted by the more strict.For the guide post and guide bush, it includes the requirements of dimension precision, shape precision and position accuracy.

The so-called dimensional precision, in fact, refers to the standard tolerance level range achieved by the actual product size change.This is also the basic guarantee for the guide post or guide bush product.This is also the basic guarantee for the guide column or the guide sleeve product.In other words, if the size accuracy is not guaranteed, then the product quality will not be qualified.

In the same way, the so-called position accuracy mainly represents the difference of the actual position accuracy between the relevant surface of the product.The usual position accuracy includes the eight aspects of parallelism, perpendicularity, inclination, coaxiality, symmetry, position, circle, and total pulsation.For the guide post and guide bush, the main attention should be the vertical degree, coaxial degree, symmetry degree and position degree, and the other four items have little relation.

The shape precision of the product must also be ensured in the process of design and processing.The so-called shape precision mainly refers to the product's macroscopic geometric error, such as roundness, cylindricity, flatness and straightness.Obviously, these precision attributes are extremely important for the  guide post and guide bush.If the shape accuracy is better, then the quality of the product is more assured.

Generally, in the process of processing, the shape error should be controlled in the position tolerance, and the position error should be less than the dimension tolerance.In other words, the shape accuracy requirement should be higher than the position accuracy requirement, the position accuracy requirement should be higher than the size precision requirement.In this way, the machining accuracy of guide post and guide bush can be improved obviously.