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What are the performance advantages of the ball guide pillar?
Nov 16, 2017

When it comes to the ball guide pillar, I believe that we are more familiar with it. Because in the actual work, we often use the product, so as to improve the mold positioning guidance. Therefore, the ball guide pillar can help us solve a lot of work problems. However, to successfully complete the task, it also needs to be correctly selected. This can really meet the user's needs.

In other words, in the actual work, we need to consider the moving and fixed modes, as well as the cooperation requirements of the guide pillar and the guide bushing to select specifications. In this way, in the application process, the product can fully play its actual role and value. So, what are the more prominent advantages of the product during the design and application?

Next, we will share the specific content around this issue. First of all, there is no gap between the ball guide pillars, so it can meet the precision requirements of the mold with a high precision when used. In other words, in the process of work, its length can ensure that the trimming die is in the lowest position, and the upper end is lower than the top of the mold.

Note that, its minuent must be control properly, otherwise it may not meet the requirements of accuracy, and the mold can not be properly aligned, and it will not complete the work well. Secondly, the components of the ball guide pillar also have certain advantages. So far, its components have been standardized, and the work error can be controlled within a very small range.

In addition, the main difference of the ball guide pillar is that it adopts the rolling method, so that, it can obviously reduce the friction between the mould, and lubrication is higher. It not only can play the role of protecting guide pillar and mould, but also is conducive to extend their service life.