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What is the shaft?What are the types?
Dec 06, 2017

What is the shaft?In the process of linear motion, its main function is guiding function.Cause by the different precision , it can be mainly divided into two kinds : ordinary level and precision-grade.The biggest difference between these two is that the thread and the section have different perpendicular to the datum, and the processing equipment and measuring equipment are different.So, perpendicularity means position tolerances.

The definition of the vertical tolerance of the shaft mainly refers to the percentage of tolerance that is generated from the correct Angle of the theory relative to the base level 90 degrees, i.e. the vertical tolerance.The actual shape of the part’s surface is the variable allowed by its ideal position.

Main use and classification of shafts.Cause by the different actual application , shaft can be divided into the following types:

Linear shaft for linear motion purpose, rotation shaft for rotation purpose and rod for pillar purpose .When used in linear motion, it often needs to be used with linear bearings, supports and oil-free bushing.In practical application, it is mainly used in the direction of light load, short distance, low frequency and low speed.Or high speed in horizontal direction, long distance, heavy load.

The f8 tolerances shafts which are without heat treatment usually used with oil-free liners .Its surface plating hard chromium to meet the surface contact slip, can obtain sufficient clearance.If it is used for rotary purposes,normally used with bearings.When it is used as a pillar, it is usually used with pillar clamps, base and fixed ring.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the shaft, it is necessary to test its durability before leaving the factory.When testing,we will often compare products which produced by multiple vendors.http://www.xhychromerod.com/