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What should be paid attention to when machining the hollow piston rod?
Oct 26, 2017

In practical application, the hollow piston rod still needs to bear a part of the load capacity, so in the processing and manufacturing, it is necessary to ensure that the hollow piston rod has a certain hardness and wear resistance. Usually in the production of hollow piston rod, on the one hand, it needs to pay attention to the quality of the original material. On the other hand, it needs to consider the rationality of the process.

Because the hollow piston rod will not only have a certain toughness, but also have good wear resistance. Generally, the overall structure design is relatively simple, but the length ratio is larger, belonging to the slender shaft parts. Relatively speaking, the rigidity generalization of the product must separate the rough and finish turning, in order to ensure the machining process.

Attention should also be paid to the selection of suitable follow-rest to minimize the deformation.

hollow piston rod空心活塞杆.jpg

In addition, one problem that needs to be noted is the selection of the appropriate centre frame when producing both ends threads. 

the thread is produced at both ends of the production. In selecting the positioning datum, in order to ensure the concentricity tolerance and the position accuracy of each part, the processing procedure involved should adopt positioning with two center holes, and meet the principle of the unified standard. In addition, it is also necessary to consider that when grinding the external surface, the workpiece may produce certain deformation to the tool, which may affect the machining accuracy of the hollow piston rod.

In order to avoid this problem as far as possible, in the machining process of hollow piston rod, we should also pay attention to the cleaning and protection of the center hole. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the tightness between the center hole and the core clamper is appropriate and in good lubrication.

In addition, in order to ensure the machining accuracy and stability of the hollow piston rod as far as possible, attention should be paid to adopting suitable straightening method, instead of artificial straightening. And in the nitriding treatment, the screw thread needs to add protection device.