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Why use a chrome-plated piston rod
Sep 29, 2018

In order to ensure the use of the hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod component configured therein should not only have sufficient mechanical energy, but also must have a high tensile strength, it must have a hard surface, it must be corrosion resistant, and must It is smooth. To meet all of these different characteristics and requirements, many manufacturers use chrome to enhance their surface finish, the chrome-plated piston rod.


Normally, the piston rod can be made of high-strength carbon steel, which further enhances the overall performance after chrome plating. This process is also known as hard chrome plating or engineering chrome plating. The chrome-plated piston rod has a hard, smooth, corrosion-resistant surface finish.


Not only that, in the process of corrosion resistance test of chrome-plated piston rods, its corrosion resistance can be greatly improved. Chromium plating in chromium processing is a complex electrochemical process. It involves impregnation in a chromic acid heated chemical bath where the components to be plated are switched on and then applied through the two components and the liquid chemical solution, and then a thin layer of chromium is applied slowly.https://www.xhychromerod.com/