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Electroplated Hard Chromium Plating Before And After Plating Treatment
Sep 19, 2017

Electroplated hard chromium plating before and after plating treatment

1. pretreatment

In general, iron and steel parts are electroplated with black chromium. Most of them are made of copper or nickel plating. While high-grade products usually use copper, nickel, chrome white and black chromium composite coatings as protective coatings. The copper alloy parts can be directly plated with black chromium by pretreatment with oleic acid and washing, while the high-grade products are made of nickel plating as the bottom coating, and then plated with black chromium. The protection and decoration effect is better.

2. postprocessing

After cleaning and drying, the parts of the electroplated black chromium product can be further improved by using the soaked hot oil to be closed, and the organic transparent coating is sprayed on the surface so as to greatly improve the protective and decorative effect.