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Characteristics of hydraulic piston rods for hydraulic cylinders
Sep 08, 2018

When the hydraulic piston rod for hydraulic cylinder is processed, its surface is treated by special grinding and hard chrome plating technology, and then mirror polished, so it has strong friction and corrosion resistance. This hydraulic piston rod is suitable for various cylinders, cylinders, piston rods, packaging, textile, printing and dyeing machinery, die-casting machines, woodworking, injection molding and other mechanical guides, rams and so on.


Under normal circumstances, the material of common hydraulic piston rods can be selected according to actual needs. Commonly used are: bearing steel, 45# steel, 40Cr, stainless steel, etc. The product grade can be divided into several types of ordinary rod quenching rods. The piston rods for hydraulic cylinders are generally made of high-quality 45# steel. The outer diameter tolerance of the products is f7-f8 (other tolerances can be customized), and the surface roughness of the products is Ra0.2-0.4.


In actual machining, the hydraulic rivet for hydraulic cylinders typically has a hard chrome thickness range of 0.015 to 0.025 mm. The surface hardness is HV700-1150, the straightness is 0.05-0.10m/m, and the standard length of the product is 1-6 meters. The choice should be based on the application.http://www.xhychromerod.com/