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How to make hollow piston rod more resistant to corrosion
Apr 24, 2018

In the production of hollow piston rods, the selected material is a 45# mechanical carbon steel seamless tube. Hollow piston rods are suitable for applications including: various precision mechanical casings and piston rods for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and civil engineering machinery.


The so-called hollow piston rod belongs to a connecting part that supports the piston to work. It is generally used in cylinders and cylinder movement execution components. In application, it belongs to a moving part that requires frequent movement and high technical requirements. Moreover, the quality of its processing often directly affects the service life and reliability of the entire product.


Because of this, the processing requirements for hollow piston rods are relatively strict. It is generally required that the surface roughness be maintained between Ra 0.4 and 0.8 um. The requirements for coaxiality and wear resistance are strict. The basic feature of cylinder rods is the processing of elongated shafts, which are difficult to machine and have always been a very technical test for processors.


For the user, we want a hollow piston rod with a longer service life, then we need to ensure that it has a strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, in processing and manufacturing, it is necessary to perform polishing and the like before plating, and it is necessary to determine a reasonable plating time according to various aspects so as to ensure good plating effects.


In the electroplating process, it is necessary to ensure that the working conditions of the plating solution are well controlled. If any problems or deviations are to be adjusted in time, the quantity should be promptly replenished. After electroplating, it is necessary to check the plating quality of the hollow piston rod. Is there any problem?


After these measures are taken, the corrosion resistance of the hollow piston rod can be further improved. This means that the service life of the hollow piston rod is increased, and it is even more convenient to use.http://www.xhychromerod.com/