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Hydraulic piston rod crack-free hard chrome process advantages
Jul 20, 2018

For the time being, it is often referred to as chrome-plated hydraulic piston rods when designing and processing hydraulic piston rods, especially on the surface of high-strength steel using electroplated hard chrome as a wear-resistant protective coating. This can significantly enhance the wear resistance of the piston rod, so that it can better meet the requirements of use.


However, during long-term use, there are some micro-cracks in the chrome plating layer of the hydraulic piston rod, which may cause the corrosion resistance of the protective layer to deteriorate, and the corrosion of the substrate may cause premature peeling of the plating layer. Therefore, in-depth improvement research has been conducted on this problem to overcome the problem of poor corrosion resistance of hard chrome plating. For example, Dw-032 chrome-plated additive can achieve bright and hard chrome plating, macroscopically achieved chrome-free cracking, and this is significantly less costly than pulsed chrome plating.


In fact, when using this process, it is possible to make the thickness of the surface of the hydraulic piston rod plated to 0.100 per side. Moreover, the hardness 70RC has excellent brightness and wear resistance. The salt spray test was carried out for 750 hours of corrosion resistance, and it was found to have a plating thickness of less than 0.002 and excellent adhesion.http://www.xhychromerod.com/