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Hydraulic piston rod processing flow and plating process
Aug 22, 2018

The hydraulic piston rod is strictly manufactured and has high requirements for its overall performance. So what is the process in actual processing? Usually when making hydraulic piston rods, choose No. 35 steel. The specific processing flow is: cold drawing, one turning, one continuous medium frequency induction hardening, one pre-grinding outer circle, one pre-finishing outer circle, one fine grinding outer circle, one super fine. Processing an electroplated chrome-dehydrogenation tempering and super-fine grinding.


It should be noted that in order to improve the surface quality of the hydraulic piston rod product as much as possible and to improve its corrosion resistance, a super finishing process is added before the chromium plating.


After the finishing is completed, the hydraulic piston rod needs to be plated. At this time, it is necessary to carry out inspection before chrome plating, and then in order to install the hanger---chemical degreasing--electric de-oil---washing--activated pickling--washing--reverse etching--chrome plating of piston rod- -Recycling washing - washing - unloading, and finally inspection. Note that the plating solution is free of fluoride, does not contain rare earth elements, and the workpiece has no corrosion in the low-voltage region.http://www.xhychromerod.com/