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Hydraulic piston rod should be clear about several problems
Jul 30, 2018

Hydraulic piston rods are widely used in industrial equipment. Due to frequent work and a certain pressure, there may be more problems in use. Research and analysis on some problems found that when structural design of hydraulic piston rod products, some measures can be taken to avoid some defects.


In general, the hydraulic piston rod needs to clarify the following issues before proceeding with the structural design:

First, the use of the piston rod is the workpiece condition;

Second, the structural characteristics of the working mechanism, load conditions, required speed, size travel and motion requirements;

Third, the selected hydraulic system working pressure;

Fourth, the current status of selected materials, fittings and processing techniques for hydraulic piston rods;

Fifth, relevant national standards and technical specifications, etc.;

Sixth, the hydraulic piston rod should be subjected to a very large load in a multi-tension state as much as possible, and still maintain good longitudinal stability under a multi-pressure state.


The above is mainly to analyze some problems that need to be considered when designing the hydraulic piston rod in the structural design. I hope to provide some references.http://www.xhychromerod.com/