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Process characteristics of hard chromium plating on piston rod:
Sep 19, 2017

Process characteristics of hard chromium plating on piston rod:

1) the cathode current efficiency is as high as 25% ~ 35%, and the deposition rate is very fast;

2) the hardness of the coating is high (900 ~ 1200HV), and it is uniform dense network cracks. It has good abrasion resistance, can produce micro cracks, and the number of micro cracks can reach 800-2000 cm / cm (adjusted according to needs), so as to improve corrosion resistance. Piston rod resistant to salt fog up to 500 hours or more. Shock absorber bar salt mist 500 hours or more.

3) the plating solution has good dispersing ability, the coating thickness is even, it is difficult to produce rough blister, and the chrome layer is bright and smooth;

4) the adhesion between the coating and the substrate is strong, and the pretreatment is similar to the traditional process, and the operation is easier than the traditional process;

5) the content of trivalent chromium in the plating solution is wide enough, and the trivalent chromium is usually not required to be removed;

6) the bath does not contain fluoride, contains no rare earth elements, and the workpiece has no corrosion in the low electrical area.