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What are the structural design requirements of the shaft?
Jan 13, 2018

Normally, the formation of the shaft is designed as a circular rod, and its diameter is generally determined according to the use requirements.The parts that are normally rotated in the device will be mounted on the shaft.So, what are the issues to pay attention to when designing a structure?

In the process of design, the first step is to determine the reasonable shape and overall structure size of the shaft according to the actual situation.This is also the key content in the whole design process.The shape and size of the structure will be affected by many factors, such as the type, size and location of the parts.

In addition, we also need to take into account the fixed mode of the parts, the magnitude and direction of the force.Of course, it is also necessary to combine the blanks, manufacturing and assembly processes, installation and transportation,also the deformation these factors of the shaft.

In general, when designing the structure of the shaft, the staff can design with specific requirements.If it’s necessary, we should make a comparison between multiple schemes and choose a reasonable design plan.

Normally when designing the shaft structure, the corresponding basic principles should be followed. Firstly, the material should be saved, and the weight should be reduced as far as possible under the condition of ensuring the application.For example, it can be used for contour size or large section of the section coefficient.

At the same time, the structure design should also be easy to determine the precise positioning, stability, assembly and disassembly both adjustment of the installation parts.Shaft structure design should also be able to reduce stress concentration, which is beneficial to improve the overall strength.In addition, the shaft structure design should be easy to manufacture and ensure precision.http://www.xhychromerod.com/