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What is the difference between precision guide bushings?
Apr 03, 2018

In the current market, there are generally common, general, and precise points regarding the guide post guide assembly. The materials and processing requirements for these different products are all different. Therefore, the precision of the guide pillar guide assembly is also derived from this.


As we all know, whether the guide bushings are to be stocked or processed, the size of the guide bushes must not be small. Its diameter size, length, inner diameter, outer diameter, and length of the guide sleeve must all be properly designed and calculated. Again, the material chosen is also very important.


For example, precision guide bushings are usually made of imported suj2. This material is stable and reliable, and it can greatly enhance the durability and interchangeability of guide columns in guiding performance. And its precision, finish and heat treatment are more stringent requirements. Of course, when we choose, we mainly determine according to our own requirements.


Of course, in the process of purchasing, the most concerned issue is the price and quality of the product. In the process of manufacturing guide pillar guide products, we strictly control the selection of materials, design, and processing. It is precisely because of this, it makes the product quality more secure, use more long-term, more at ease.


We know that in practical applications, the guide column is an important guide element. It is mainly used in the combination of the mold and the assembly to ensure that the mold is positioned with precise positioning and guides the mold stroke. Guide column guide sleeve is mainly used in the mold industry, such as: stamping molds, metal molds, rubber molds, terminal molds, silicone molds.


Choosing a high-quality material helps to improve the guiding performance of the guidepost, while also improving its durability and interchangeability. The guide pillars and components form an outer guide pillar assembly and an inner guide pillar assembly with a beautiful metallic luster.http://www.xhychromerod.com/