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What is the role of chrome plating on chrome-plated piston rods?
Nov 21, 2018

The chrome plating of the chrome plated piston rod plays an important role in the performance of the substrate. Firstly, the wear resistance of the product is obviously improved. The chrome plating layer can obtain different hardnesses of 400 to 1200 HV depending on the process specifications. The sliding friction coefficient is about 50% of that of steel and cast iron, and it has anti-adhesion. Secondly, the corrosion resistance is improved. The chrome layer is surface passivated under slight oxidation, forming a very thin and transparent passivation film, which does not change color at room temperature for a long time, and protects the chrome plating layer.


For chrome plated piston rod, the strength of the chrome-plated layer decreases with the increase of its thickness. The bonding strength between the chrome-plated layer and the substrate is higher than the bonding strength between the crystals, and the tensile strength and fatigue strength decrease with the increase of the thickness of the coating. Therefore, the thickness of the chrome plating layer should generally be less than 0.3 mm.


It should be noted that the chrome plating layer is relatively brittle and cannot withstand large deformations, so as to avoid cracking or falling off of the plating layer. Therefore, the base metal portion of the chrome plated piston rod should have sufficient strength to resist all external forces applied in the thickness direction of the coating.http://www.xhychromerod.com/